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Emoting Earth: The Connection

Keys To Inner Greening

1. Stop the animal genocide. We will never be able to live peacefully until we make peace with the animals. Keeping animals in captivity is slavery that steals their lives. Raising animals to slaughter and eating their flesh creates a blood lust that perpetrates violence. It's the key to eliminating hate, violence and war.


2. Eat a Plant-Based Diet, free of GMO's and pesticides, to reduce inflammation and disease processes. It's the key to better health with longevity and quality of life.


3. Emote the Earth. Identify your personal energy heart-spirit connection to Earth as a true natural creative source of life. It's the key to self-love and compassion, personal empowerment and understanding.


4. Steward the Earth. It's our only planetary home, and without it, we cease to exist. It's our key to survival.


5. Feel peace. Peace within our heart-spirit and with all sentient beings. It's the key to co-existence.


6. Move past self-sabotaging false beliefs and illusions and into clarity:

Illusion #1: It's an Us vs. Them World.

Clarity: We are All in this Together.


Illusion #2: I'm More Important than You are.

Clarity: All Lives Matter.


Illusion #3: War makes Money.

Clarity: Love creates Abundance.


Illusion #4: Wall Street profits and News headlines are our Daily Reality.

Clarity: The Natural World is our True Reality.


Illusion #5: Earth and the Animals are here for Us to Use.

Clarity: We All have the Right to a Healthy Planet and Happy Lives Regardless of our Species.